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Submissions Requirements—Issue 4—National (USA)

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Key Concepts
  • Image resolution is determined by the number of pixels within a given area.
  • A pixel is the smallest unit of color which makes up an image.
  • Each image is made up of many pixels which the eye translates into a continuous tone image.
  • In order for an image to print clearly we require images to be 300 ppi (pixels per inch) at print size.
  • Therefore, since the pages of our magazine are 6x9 inches, and if your image would fill the page, that would be 6x9 at 300 ppi (or 6x300 by 9x300 pixels - which works out to 1800 x 2700 pixels).
  • Flat artwork is best scanned at the proper resolution. If your work is too large, a digital photograph is OK provided a tripod is used.
  • If a tripod is unavailable, and your image is not sharp enough, your work may be rejected on that basis.

Any problems or qustions, contact us at [email protected]

General Guidelines

Issue Four will expand to include guards currently employed by any USA museum.

The Deadline for all submissions is: February 17, 2013.

Make sure you follow the Guidelines carefully. We will make every effort to consider all work submitted in the proper format. However, considerations in the curatorial process based upon maintining a thematic unity may supercede our desire to include everybody.
  • Send all submissions to [email protected].
  • Make sure you identify your city and the museum with which you are affiliated.
  • Scan your museum ID and include with your submission.
  • Include an Artist Statement and Biography as separate attachments (not included in the text of an email) as a Word or plain text file (.doc, .docx or .txt). An Artist Statement should be a brief description of what has influnced your art over the years and what inspires you. It can also include a description of your technique and medium.

Guidelines for Images

  • TIFF or JPEG, file format (.tif, .jpg or .jpeg), as an attachment.
  • Color work, 300 ppi at print size (See "Key Concepts" on the right)
  • Black and White line work, 1200 ppi at print size
  • Send at least two and up to seven examples of your work.
  • Examples of how to properly label your files: (Last Name, First Name or Initial, Underscore, Title) e.g. DaVinciLeonardo_MonaLisa.jpg (if the title is too long, use the first three words)
  • Include the title, medium, year and dimensions of your work in the body of the e-mail clearly identifying which piece.
  • Images of sculpture or installation, video stills, documentation of performance or conceptual pieces also wanted.

Guidelines for Text

  • Written submissions in MS Word or plain text, as an attachment.
  • Writers are invited to submit more than one poem or short story. Excerpts of screenplays, novels, scripts, etc. also wanted. Multiple poems can be submitted in one file.
  • Limit written submissions to five pages.
  • Examples of how to properly label your files: (Last Name, First Name or Initial, Underscore, Title) e.g. SalingerJD_CatcherInThe Rye.doc (.doc, .docx or .txt) (if the title is too long, use the first three words).

Guidelines for Audio

  • Send us your files in .mp3 format to expedite the file upload.
  • If we choose to include your work on our CD, we will contact you in order to obtain a higher quality file needed for mastering the CD.
  • In the future we will add as many files as we can to our website, provided they are sufficient quality. We beleive this is to your advantage as it helps get your work out there and gives you greater exposure.